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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Career Suicide - SARS 7"

No photo credit. Sorry!
I wish I could tell you why I haven't spent more money on Career Suicide's records. I love just about everything I've heard from them. I'm always stoked when a song pops up on my iPod. Yet I find my racks sadly skimp on product from them. What can I tell you? They rule.

What do you need to know here? Career Suicide are a snotty Dangerhouse-style HC band from Toronto. Two of the members are in Fucked Up, which I guess is why C.S. hasn't toured lately. They've released a metric fuckton of records over the past seven years. SARS was their second 7", and first release for Deranged Records. If you're so inclined, you can pick this up, along with the proverbial metric fuckton of other product, on their swell CD compilation,
Anthology of Releases 2001-2003. $9 plus shipping gets you 44 tracks! Viva la punk rock!

Career Suicide - SARS 7"
(click the record to DL)

RIYL: the Masque, Canada, pogoing


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