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Monday, September 29, 2008

Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends 10"

One of my best friends, shortly after reading these pages for the first time, griped that "you're writing way too much". Is that true, dear reader? You're here for the rock, right? But you stay for the chat, the rambling stories, correct?

Hmmm, a reasonably quick note about Botch. Members (in the guise of Roy) stayed at my Charles St. crib for a night after I threw the worst-attended show I ever put on at the Talking Head on a Monday. I liked Botch a lot more than I liked Roy. Who in their right mind names their band "Roy"? Anyway, the singer's now in Narrows, while the guitarist is in Minus the Bear. Pretty good stuff, I guess. That has fuck all to do with Botch, who, like any truly cool band, only received their due credit after they broke up.

I see this EP goes for pretty cheap on Amazon...maybe you should buy it if you like what you hear...but who am I kidding? This is the last studio release by Botch, and was released both as a CD & a multi-hued 10".

Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends 10"

RIYL: Cave-In, Jesu, Envy, tattoos of razorblades


senatorrosewater said...

Huh? I don't remember this band being in my house, and if I had known they were Botch, I would have kicked their asses to the curb!

Botch sUCKED. With a capital ucked. As in Fucked. Up.

Friends don't let friends bring home ugly bar skanks, and friends don't let friends bring home dull, monotonous H/C bands.

go ahead and write about the Refused... you know you want to.

Ape Mummy said...

Senator, are you being contrary because you only have dial-up? And this was after you and I lived together. Are we even talking about the same band? Botch was always really good...hence the write up.

By the way, a Refused article will be in the works.