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Envy/Thursday split LP

I finished the Charm City Suicides post and noticed the pre-order for the Envy/Thursday split had been announced.

Someone be a pal and order me one...

I'll be your best friend...

I'll trade you cool comic book statues...

I got these cheeseburgers, man...

...c'mon, baby, don't make me beg.


gabbagabbahey said…
TRL did the same thing with the new Grails... buy the two versions (cover art and different coloured vinyl) together, with a free CD. except the arts for this split seem almost identical...

I don't want to get hypocritical, because I love coloured vinyl and buy lps for the artwork, but the special deal (which is just twice the price, of course, plus the CD) of identical versions smacks of some very bizarre consumerism to me. like the guy who has every single colour of every HWM record.

anyway, Envy/Jesu is where it's at... though I don't think that's coming out on vinyl for a while yet. I'm going to wait and see how good the Envy side of this is (and, theoretically, the Thursday side as well) before deciding whether I really want one. one one.
Ape Mummy said…
GGH, I think I meant to post the regular edition of this, as opposed to the "supa-limited, 5 colors of vinyl & three different screens of the same image for 1000 spacebux" version. That ALWAYS pissed me off when my rent money went towards records, and it especially pisses me off now when I have to spend my pay on important stuff. I haven't picked up the Envy/Jesu yet, though your posts a couple of months back have had me intrigued. Although present for Thursday at a few of their early, Eyeball Records-era shows (including a scorcher with Kid Dynamite & Crispus Attucks at the Wilson Center in DC), I've just never really taken to them. Gotta say, though, Geoff Rickey sounds like the kinda cat I'd get along with.
gabbagabbahey said…
I reckoned that might have been referring to, but I decided to go ahead with the mini-rant anyway. The link went to the specials page, the regualr release has its own page.

I've never really been exposed to Thursday, so I'll keep an open mind. If Envy like them then that's a good endorsement, at least. But since I've already put in my pre-order for Grails I won't be rushing in to spend more money on this just yet.

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