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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few style notes

After getting a few notes from friends and well-wishers alike, I've added some stuff to old entries and the newest one.
  1. Where applicable, I've posted a little .jpeg of album art. It should also be embedded in the .zip file you download (if you so choose). With demos, if I was given cover art, you shall have it. If not...c'est la vie.
  2. RIYL. It was the only thing I ever loved about the old CMJ Magazine (even their sampler CDs usually only had 1 or 2 good tracks). You read 1500 words of "on and on and on" about some band, but you never find out what they actually may sound like. Allow me to cut the fat for you.
  3. Updated a couple of the tags. If you're looking just for demo posts in 3 months (assuming I make it that far), it should be easy to find them.
So, yeah, that should help make this a fun experience for everyone. And even though it says it up in the upper right, if you see a record you recorded or paid for up here, and that really pisses you off, let me know, and I'll yank it. I'm a fan, and I'm not trying to fuck anyone over(even dose mean ol' record execs, what with dere gol'-plated rocket cars and their invisible American Express cards) for money or credit. I just like to write about shit I like.

I have some more OOP stuff coming, plus some hype for new records coming out, so keep checking in. Or use the RSS button, as recommended by my good pal Esti Gerson.

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