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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vivian Girls - s/t

So ever since I was a little kid, and my folks would play a lot of Motown, bluegrass, early 80's country and Phil Spector, I've been a sucker for girl groups. Naturally, I nerded out pretty hard for Kill Rock Stars as a label in my teens, I listened to more Yeah Yeah Yeahs! than most HC kids I know, and I booked a lot of bands like Tuffie & Karmella's Game when I still booked shows. When Fucked Up released another draft of their upcoming new mixtape a few months back, my ears perked up to the sounds of Brooklyn's Vivian Girls. Well...hello!

I don't have a lot of background to go on about Vivian Girls, except this record rocks my socks off, and you're totally blowing it if you pass on picking up their new LP in a couple of weeks. The Vivian Girls LP was originally released earlier this year in an edition of 500 by Mauled By Tigers Records, but the ever-awesome In the Red is repressing and releasing on CD as well. ITR is also releasing what looks to be a pretty rad 7" as well.

Vivian Girls are pounding the road this fall, putting in their bid for "Harding Working Band in Hipster Punk Rock and (supposedly) playing Baltimore twice in October. You can catch them on the 1st with Tyvek at the Ottobar, or go to Sonar to see them open for Fucked Up. Either way: DON'T DO WHAT DONNIE DON'T DID! Check them out when they come to your town, yo.

Vivian Girls, "Where Do You Run"

Vivian Girls, "Damaged"

Vivian Girls at South Street Seaport, NYC, 9/7/08

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