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The Chase - The Better Part of Six Months

So I've become most attached to checking the Feedjit feed from time to time, just see who's poking their head in here (more folks than I'd expect), what's getting downloaded (there are A TON of Sense Field fans out there - CREE-PEE!), and who's using a Mac (cue obligatory Apple backpatting). If you write, and enjoy the masturbatory sensation of watching the world come to your door, I fully and heartily endorse this widget and/or bathtime product.

Whatchu got hear is a the only full-length from The Chase, who hailed from the "south of Baltimore/north of DC" 'burbs and generally rocked shit for a few years back at the dawn of the millenium. If you have any desire to listen to screamy, pop hardcore, then this'll be right up your alleyway. These guys used to support just about every fun HC show in Baltimore back in the day. Fun side note: these P.G. County bamas are playing a reunion show in Silver Spring, MD on the 20th of December with At Best. It'll be like it's 2002 all over again!

The Chase - The Better Part of Six Months

RIYL: punks vs. mods, College Park house shows, ninjas vs. Frankenstein


Boson said…
ahhhhh memories
Joseph said…
the rest of our material (that was recorded and that has survived) is linked here:
Joseph said…
Also, how dare you-
four-fifths from montgomery county, one from annapolis. NONE from PG COUNTY.

Maryland still rules.
Ape Mummy said…
Joe, you're still a bama.
Anonymous said…
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