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Monday, December 8, 2008

Dag Nasty - 85-86

Were you aware that the one of the biggest trade shows for Halloween takes place a mere six weeks after Halloween? It's true, it's true. And guess who has to go to it for work? If you guessed "Ape Mummy", then skip past this to the download. Yep, I'm bummed. I really don't want to go to New York. It's cold and far and I already miss my dogs and my bed and my Wednesday night TV...even though it's Monday now and I'm still two days away from splitting town.

One good thing is that I'll have my iPod, and thus I can rock some Dag Nasty. Dance of Days has some really good dirt on how quickly DN got rid of Shawn Brown when they figured out he wouldn't have a great deal of commercial appeal. Plus, I love that Dave Smalley up and decided to move to a kibbutz, so Brian Baker decided to replace him with Peter Cortner. Totally pro, dood. Anyone else wonder why D.C. got a big hard-on for embracing that U2-styled anthemic rock sound back around 1986? Is it kinda like when bands suddenly appeared with turntables about 10 years ago? Or now, when all these kids are starting youth crew bands again. Is that what it's like? Really?

Anyway...85-86 was released as a pretty bitchin' six 7" box set, as well as obligatory LP & CD back in 1992. It's pretty well out of print, although the Dischord remasters of and Wig Out at Denko's and Can I Say share some of the tracks. Overall, it's a little on the raw side, but that's what I dig about it, especially on the Cortner tracks.

...by the way, my boss reminded me today that you are not allowed to expense out lap dances. For those of you who have yet to travel for work...well, there you go.

Dag Nasty - 85-86
(click record cover to DL)

RIYL: the Beach Boys on 78, Big Country, 3 hour train rides


p. albert said...

I can't imagine the day when the Shawn Brown stuff won't be my favorite DN tracks.

Ape Mummy said...

There's something about Baltimore kids and the Cortner recordings, which I'll never understand. Shawn Brown is/was the fucking man, whether you're talking Dag Nasty, Swiz, Sweetbelly Freakdown or Jesuseater.

RHoIM was the shit. I was really sad to see y'all go sub-only, but it's totally understandable.

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Dag nasty was good band, now all it's members are bald and that's the only nasty fact about them right now. hahaha

xlpharmacy said...

It was a cool band, they released some good tracks.

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