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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Double Dagger - ALT+0135

Hey fam. I don't feel missed, but I'm sure in your heart of hearts you believe my absence was the proverbial lump o' coal in your stocking this Christmas. Sadly, I've been rather busy with coming up with household budgets, P&Ls and new design work at the job and coming up with resolutions for 2009. It tends to put posting someone else's records up online on the back burner.
As a backhanded apology, here's Double Dagger's demo, "ALT+0135", originally released in 2003. Whadaya want out of me? If you've lived in Baltimore in the past 5 years, you know who these guys are. If you caught any of the recent Baltimore Round Robin tour, you probably gave these cats a strong look. All I can tell you is that they're still one of the few bands that can get me out to a club, or free college show...whatever the case may be. They've released two awesome, screamy post-punk records, as well as a number of 7"s, in the past five years, and they were my favorite band to book for shows. I put my money where my muthafuckin' mouth is, bitches!

Double Dagger - ALT+0135
(click the record to DL)

RIYL: graphic design, whoopin' & hollerin', spastic dancing


cretin said...

ok, this is pretty damn cool. "My Dad Has a Theory that the Internet is the Roman Colliseum of Our Times" is notably awesome, especially in the bass work, which is simple yet effective throughout.

btw, are you a Ravens fan by any chance?

Ape Mummy said...

Cretin, the first record is even better, and well worth tracking down for the awesome Ebullition-style packaging & screenprinted graphics. I can't wax poetic enough on how much I love Double Dagger.

And, yes, I am a Ravens fan. I like my football players extra stabby!

cretin said...

me too, but only if they've been acquitted; otherwise they're just useless. looking forward to the miami game on sunday!!!! (four exclamation points denotes high excitement)

also, I'll have to check DD's first record out then. this demo is quite stupendacular.

cretin said...

so... afc championship game... that's rather swell, isn't it?

I think it's swell.