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Leatherface - Fill Your Boots

I'd love to know why the site traffic jumped from my normal gang of 20 punk rock zombies a day to over 150 folks just today. A lot of kids seem to be watching the Ben Kingsley as Ian MacKaye video I posted back in September. That's kinda cool. I'd just like to know where the hell these people magically came from. As one of my favorite writers once noted, "Comments are the lifeblood of any author, good or bad." So, let me hear from you, interwebs, if you like what you see. Or if you feel I'm only contributing to the further downfall of the music industry with my efforts herein. Either way, a roll call is in order...comment below. It's like a Xmas gift you don't have to pay for!

Speaking of Christmas presents: a co-worker of mine, who knows how into HC I am, dropped my Xmas present on me a little early today.
I haven't read a lot of it, but it's by far the best representation, book-wise, or early American hardcore out there. Get it for the old scenester kid working in the cubicle next to you, or ask Santy Claus to bring you one.

I'm sure it has something to do with its in- and out-of-print status since being release nearly 20 years ago, but people just don't seem to as hip to Fill Your Boots as I think they should be. It's never received a legit American release (unlike BYO's releases of Cherry Knowle and The Last), although it looks to be available via for the bargain (?) price of 8.79 (that's pounds, sucka). It also sounds a lot more like the Leatherface I fell in love with on Mush. Finally, I totally love the sincere covers of "In The Ghetto" and "Candle In The Wind". I mean, who today would try to pull this off without their tongues firmly tucked into their cheeks?

See you Saturday for more punk rock sounds.

Leatherface - Fill Your Boots
(click record cover for DL)

RIYL: gargling with whisky, Sunderland, karaoke bars


gabbagabbahey said…
I have to say I've never gotten that much into Fill Your Boots - never listened to it a huge amount either. I shall do so now, though.

Minx - now there's a Leatherface underdog album I rather like. Nothing beats Mush, of course: I was watching the original version - first time ever performed, apparently - of 'Message in a Bottle' on some BBC retrospective recently, and really enjoying it (hearing it in my mind sung by Frankie Stubbs, of course). Gotta love the sincere covers.
cretin said…
feedjit makes me self-conscious. i can feel it watching me... leering at me... i can feel it's eyes moving over the nape of my neck as i sleep, waiting for the precise moment at which to strike.

but i am vigilant!

[adds to his slowly growing leatherface collection]
Zack said…
Thank you for the "Fill Your Boots" album - i saw and (heard?) leatherface last in 2003 (in hamburg) ;)
I with you, Id' like to know where the hell all the people come from that read my blog too.

I came across yours from the Loopy Rocket Blog's faves.
Anonymous said…
I agree whole-heartedly that this album is grossly underrated: perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it was out of print for ages. I regard this album as on par with Mush. It's that good. New York State remains one of the best opening songs on an album I've heard.
bozo skeleton said…
Just found your blog through Zen and the Art of Face Punching...some great stuff here. I didn't have this one... Thanks!
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