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Emo Summer - Land of Dark Green Leopard Tears...

not quiet enough
she reads windy
a million chords play
haiku games and forget-me-nots

sticky-sweet summer
from spring so sinister
the alliterative notions
posted by h.r.
and allyn wilson riley
they only called me fag
13 times today

i am forgotten
i am damaged
i wait for the rise
of the emo summer
a keyboard
a guitar
a keytar

four beardos
bearing down on bel air and aberdeen
don't you fuck with me
your letter to heartattack
in issue #17
gave me hope
in bad poetry
stinking armpits
and 1984 dodge panel vans

(our drive-thru cups
fall out like
three tears
tattooed on a convict's cheek)

(i cry)

Emo Summer - Land of dark green leopard tears, exploding blue jeaned hormoned flesh, and broomstick mundane pearl plastic combustible long armed furniture (i cry)
(click the record to DL)

RIYL: the dollar bin...where my tears fall


dogimo said…
For a second I swore

they only called me fag
13 times today

- was the comment counter!
Anonymous said…
...please where can I buy a unicorn?
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Anonymous said…
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