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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Fall-Outs - s/t

(photo of Zaak and Dave stolen from the Fall-Outs MySpace page)
Every town, no matter what year it is, has an outfit like this. There's this lyric in "Northern Industrial Town" by Billy Bragg that reads, "And on payday, they tear the place down/With a pint in your hand, and a bash 'em out band." Whenever I hear that song (which never fails to choke me up), I think of the Fall-Outs.

I really want to say that this is a record Greg Wunder put me onto when I was 19, but I didn't get hip until I was working with Mark Rigby at Reptilian. Tres trashy garage rock from Seattle. I believe Estrus put out two more records of Sonics-styled guitar rock that I just didn't dig on quite as much. I thought it was very cool that it looks like these guys are still around, playing gigs and probably rocking it harder than most of the kids out there.

I'm pretty stoked that it looks like I'll be able to get my turntable fixed within the week. What does that mean for you, fair reader?
  • More semi-obscure 7"s from the dollar bin!
  • Cruddy, totally scratched LPs from my wife's collection!
  • Thrills, chills & spills!
  • A more complete use of the "bullets" function!
Playlist: Listening to Matt & Kim right now. Downloaded the new Regina Spektor yesterday. Also digging on the Carbonas LP, Psyched to Die 7" & what little Narrows product I've managed to download for free.

The Fall-Outs - s/t
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