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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lost Patrol Band - s/t

While I think it'd be terribly presumptuous to say Tony Pence is one of my top bros, he's absolutely on my Top 5 List of Musical Gurus. I can run a finger along a rack of CDs or box of 7"s at the house, and at least 30% were purchased as a result of something he's played me, or name-dropped, or pointed out in a zine. I had a dream about owning a record store; he went out and actually opened it. A good dude with impeccable taste...which is why I like to bring him toys.

Case in point: the Lost Patrol Band. There's a good chance I would have come to find these cats eventually. But shortly after he opened Celebrated Summer, I paid Tony a visit, and he was playing this. Great guitar pop? You betcha. Ex- & current members of damned near every great Swedish punk rock band? Absolutely, kitten. I had to have it. But what would stand in my way? It turned out some legal troubles over the band name led to the entire catalog being taken out of print. A low down dirty shame. But no Wayans project ever stood in my way. I pinned this butterfly down in a 3rd floor walkup in Pittsburgh last year. Asking price? $6. Beautiful.

/just finished watching The Kid Stays In The Picture

The Lost Patrol Band - s/t
(click the record to DL)

RIYL: tight jeans, "Who Put The Bomp?", stripes


kristopher said...

i love the refused. i love, absolutely love, the international noise conspiracy. i HATE this band. why, oh why, did this band form. it's horrible and depressing that the frontman for those two aforementioned bands lived to form this pitiful thing. im sorry.

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