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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unsane - The Peel Sessions

The devil told me listening to Chris Spencer's bands was good for me, and who am I to argue with fallen angels?

And, by the way, why hasn't someone come along and reissued all the Matador & AmRep Unsane releases (and, no, that greatest hits thing that Relapse released 5 years ago doesn't count in my book)? It's all brutally awesome noise rock that still sounds fresh to me. If you ever had a death wish, this is probably what would be playing when you carried it out.

Unsane - The Peel Sessions

RIYL: the L.E.S. circa '91, Tom Hazelmeyer's gun collection, Chris X's mustache


bbrg said...

Unholy glory, esp. the all-live medley. Old Unsane is untouchable by any standard. Thanks for posting this. No one in the mid-Atlantic can touch Chris X's 'stache. Vive Reptilian!

Dangerbird said...

love Unsane!

bbrg said...

Jess! Great posts. Appreciate your archiving of the B'more scene in here (and fine records like the Fuses and Unsane back-to-back).

Hank (The Miss)